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NSS will provide background analysis to you within 24 hours on average.

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NSS will provide you with your own personal account representative with 25 years of previous law enforcement criminal justice experience.

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NSS can provide comprehensive security solutions for your business/individual needs. NSS will provide flexible, customized screening solutions encompassing a variety of diverse services to suit your unique needs. With our superior, in depth information, low prices and turn around time within 24 hours , NSS is the trusted by business and people like you everyday.


NSS security specialists have 25 years of previous law enforcement/criminal justice experience.


NSS is compliant with all federal and state statutes.

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NSS will deliver results to you within 24 hours on average.

*Exceptions may apply.

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NSS will provide flexible background services to suit your unique needs.

Services / Solutions

 Comprehensive Background Analysis
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug Screening
  • E-Verify
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Global Watch List
  • Tenant Checks
  • Professional Affiliation Verifications
  • Professional Licensing
  • Asset Information
  • Property Deeds / Foreclosures. Eviction Analysis
  • Bankruptcy Records / Judgements / Liens Analysis
  • UCC Filings / US Corporate Affiliations. US Business Affiliations

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